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Adsorbent Resin

Ammonia Nitrogen Removal Process in Evaporative Condensate Water
We're pioneering the field of wastewater treatment with our state-of-the-art ion exchange method. This innovative approach is crucial in our Ammonia Nitrogen Removal Process, especially designed to effectively eliminate ammonia from evaporative condensate water, a common byproduct in evaporator units across various industries.
Sunresin's Solutions for Phenolic Wastewater Decontamination and Resource Recovery
In the realm of industrial chemical processes, phenolic compounds are indispensable. They serve as foundational raw materials and intermediates in the production of a myriad of products, from dyes and pesticides to adhesives and photographic developers.
Sunresin’s uniform particle size resin plays a big role in the production of Bisphenol A
Since 2017, Sunresin has carried out research and development on BPA resins. From understanding the production process of bisphenol A to benchmarking against similar competition products, after thousands of experiments and demonstrations, the resins were be tested for the first time in 2022.
Adsorption and Recovery of p-Chlorobenzotrifluoride with Seplite Resins
Sunresin’s VOCs treatment resin is a styrene-DVB matrix macroporous adsorption resin with a specially designed resin structure. It has a good mesh structure and a high specific surface area, and can be sieved through the size of the pores. Organic molecules are selectively adsorbed by interaction, intermolecular force or hydrogen bond interaction.
Sunresin’s adsorption resins for removal of perfluorinated pollutants in water and their production and application
In Sunresin’s method, the hydrophobicity of the resin is further increased, the degree of crosslinking gets increased, and the pore structure gets adjusted. The adsorption resins have a narrow particle size distribution, uniform pore size and high specific surface area. As the size of micropores in the resin is close to the molecular size of perfluorooctanoate in water, which has a strong selectivity of the adsorbates and can therefore further increase the adsorption rate of perfluorinated compounds.
Adsorption for Lithium Extraction, a key enabler for Paris Agreement CO2 reduction goals
Sunresin is strongly supportive of the CO2 reduction as set in the Paris Climate Accord by enabling this growing Lithium demand for energy storage which will provide strong opportunities for its patented and proprietary equipment, solutions and services.
Macroporous Adsorbent Resin for Purification of Herbal Extracts
Sunresin recently developed Seplite LXA8101 a macroporous adsorbent based on a polymerized Styrene DVB matrix. The adsorbent has been so designed to offer a high capacity and can be used in the purification of many different herbal extracts. The pore size and surface characteristics of Seplite LXA 8101 have been optimized to offer a high selectivity and capacity for flavonoids & lactone, saponins, anthocyanin contained in the extraction liquor. Once saturated LXA8101 can be regenerated with alcohol or a caustic solution to start a new cycle. The polymer matrix has been optimized to provide good physical and chemical stability allowing for a long lifetime.
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