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Application of Sunresin's High-efficiency Defluoridation Resin in The Treatment of Industrial and Municipal Fluorine-containing Wastewater
To meet the high requirements of enterprises for fluoride content in wastewater and residents' demand for fluoride-free drinking water, Sunresin's research team has continuously researched, developed, and improved targeted adsorption fluoride removal resins LSC-760 and LSC-860 based on the typical industry wastewater quality and treatment process characteristics. Both resins have high selectivity for fluoride in water, with LSC-760 being an activated alumina modified resin and LSC-860 being an activated zirconium modified resin. Currently, these two resins have been applied in the treatment of fluoride-containing wastewater in multiple fields, providing customers with high-quality and efficient fluoride removal solutions. These resins not only effectively reduce fluoride emissions but also reduce environmental pollution and human health hazards, with important environmental and social significance.
Welcome to Sunresin’s first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show
Welcome to Sunresin's first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show. In this video, you will find the following information regarding company's introduction and product specifications in water treatment.
Sunresin, driven by innovation, strives to make water better, air cleaner, and life greater
As an innovation-driven, high-tech company from Xi’an, northwest China, Sunresin specializes in adsorption and separation technology by supplying Ion exchange resins, adsorbent and chelating resins, equipment solutions as well as relevant technical services.
SEPLITE® LSF983 Food Grade Macroporous Weak Acidic Cation Resin for Drinking Water Treatment
SUNRESIN is providing a wide range of Ion Exchange Resins to prepare Water for Human consumption. One of our key application is to be found on the kitchen table of many household in pour-through Water Filters where our SEPLITE® LSF983is used widely in Cartridge to improve Drinking Water directly at the point of use.
Exceed Standard Drinking Water Treatment Resin and High Efficiency Processing System
Sunresin has developed a series of special resins for water treatment that exceed the standard. It can specifically and accurately remove the excessive boron, fluorine, nitrate and chlorate in the water source, so as to achieve the continuous compliance with water quality standards.
Professional Supplier of Exceed Standard Water Treatment Solutions
Sunresin has developed a series of chelating resins and ion exchange resins to efficiently and accurately treat the water quality that exceeds the standard based on the continuous efforts of R&D team. These resins can be used to realize highly selective and accurate adsorption and removal of characteristic factors in water, and make the treatment of water that exceeds the standard easier and more economical.
Sunresin Condensate Polishing, Uniform Particle, Super Gel, Anion and Cation Exchange Resin
Seplite® Monojet™ SA8500CP uniform particle super gel, strong base anion exchange resinand the Seplite® Monojet™ SC7700CP uniform particle super gel, acid strength cation exchange resin, both of which are special for condensate polishing. They have high compressive strength, high sphericity after osmotic-attrition and grinding and high crosslinking, which greatly improve the treatment performance of condensed water. According to the experimental demonstration and authoritative testing and evaluation, the performance indexes of the above two kinds of monoplus have reached or exceeded the same type of monolus products in foreign countries.
Seplite® MB45NR WEDM-LS Mixed Bed Resin with Higher Water Quality and Greater Processing Capacity
WEDM is carried out in the working fluid medium. The insulation performance of the working fluid plays a role of deionization in the process of pulse discharge, accelerating the cooling of electrodes and workpieces in the process of machining, and making the corrosion products suspended and discharged from the discharge gap. The quality of working fluid will have a great influence on cutting speed, surface roughness and machining accuracy. As a low-speed wire cutting process with high-precision parts, it naturally has higher requirements on the quality of working fluid, which requires deionized water to have lower conductivity (generally, the conductivity is less than 20μs/cm).
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