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Civil & Industry Water Treatment

Welcome to Sunresin’s first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show
Welcome to Sunresin's first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show. In this video, you will find the following information regarding company's introduction and product specifications in water treatment.
Preparation of Softening Water
1. Problems caused by hard water. The demand for softening water technology begins with boiler water.
Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater
1. Arsenic in groundwater Arsenic is a common source of pollution in drinking water in nature, from arsenic-containing rocks, soils, etc., and then slowly diffuses into the water. Arsenic is often present in both organic and inorganic arsenic forms, whereas inorganic arsenic is more prevalent in water and more toxic. The countries with serious arsenic pollution in groundwater are India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, and Hungary. In China's Taiwan, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, local groundwater contains up to 2000ug/L of arsenic. At present, the World Health Organization stipulates that arsenic in drinking water should not exceed 10 ppb.
Application of Softening Resin in Water Treatment
Water treatment resins are classified into cationic resins and anionic resins. Cationic resins are subdivided into sodium and hydrogen resins. Sodium resins exchange calcium and magnesium ions into sodium ions, which soften water.
Application Principle of Ion Exchanger
Ion exchange is one of the most commonly used water treatment technologies.
SEPLITE® Monojet™ Uniform Particle Polishing Resin, Ultra-pure Quality
In the ultra-pure water preparation and polishing process, high-quality polishing resins with higher processing accuracy, higher purity level and uniform particle size are needed to achieve the purification of water. Sunresin have developed the "jet granulation" technology and uses the world's leading resin production line produced high-purity, high-transformation, uniform-grain H-type cation exchange resin and OH-type anion exchange resin with uniformity coefficient <1.1, which were pre-mixed in a certain proportion and used for the refining treatment at the end of ultrapure water preparation system. (Refined polishing process section)
Seplite® MB45NR WEDM-LS Mixed Bed Resin with Higher Water Quality and Greater Processing Capacity
WEDM is carried out in the working fluid medium. The insulation performance of the working fluid plays a role of deionization in the process of pulse discharge, accelerating the cooling of electrodes and workpieces in the process of machining, and making the corrosion products suspended and discharged from the discharge gap. The quality of working fluid will have a great influence on cutting speed, surface roughness and machining accuracy. As a low-speed wire cutting process with high-precision parts, it naturally has higher requirements on the quality of working fluid, which requires deionized water to have lower conductivity (generally, the conductivity is less than 20μs/cm).
Sunresin Condensate Polishing, Uniform Particle, Super Gel, Anion and Cation Exchange Resin
Seplite® Monojet™ SA8500CP uniform particle super gel, strong base anion exchange resinand the Seplite® Monojet™ SC7700CP uniform particle super gel, acid strength cation exchange resin, both of which are special for condensate polishing. They have high compressive strength, high sphericity after osmotic-attrition and grinding and high crosslinking, which greatly improve the treatment performance of condensed water. According to the experimental demonstration and authoritative testing and evaluation, the performance indexes of the above two kinds of monoplus have reached or exceeded the same type of monolus products in foreign countries.
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