Wastewater Treatment&Reuse

Recovery and Treatment: Achieving Excellence with Adsorption and Separation Materials
At Sunresin, we are revolutionizing the field of wastewater resource recovery and VOCs waste gas treatment with our cutting-edge adsorption and separation materials.
Mine Water Treatment, Sunresin in Action
For many years, Sunresin has been dedicated to research on water pollution prevention and resource recovery, focusing on the combination of pollutant control and resource utilization.
Continuous Ion Exchange Treatment Process for High Salinity Wastewater
In the complex world of wastewater management, high-salinity wastewater poses a unique set of challenges. With its mix of inorganic ions and organic substances, traditional treatment methods often fall short. But at Sunresin, we're changing the game.
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Pyridine and Its Derivatives by Sunresin
Sunresin is leading the charge with our innovative XDA series resins, specifically designed to tackle the toughest pyridine wastewater treatment challenges.
Advanced Treatment Solutions for Chromium Effluent Treatment Processes
Chromium (VI) pollution poses a significant challenge to water safety due to its extreme toxicity and persistence in the environment. Sunresin's cutting-edge treatment technologies offer effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to this critical issue.
Sunresin Utilizes Recovery-based Wastewater Treatment
As most countries are making more and more strict environment laws and regulations in the face of the ecological challenges, adsorption technologies become more and more important in the capture, recovery and recycling of the pollutants from waste water. Sunresin utilizes recovery-based wastewater treatment, while controlling pollutants through adsorption and separation, it also achieves the purpose of recovery, recycling and reuse, thus realizing the coordinated development of economic and social benefits.
Seplite® LSC-760 Special Resin for Fluoride Removal Makes Wastewater Precision Fluoride Removal Easier
Seplite®LSC-760 Special Resin for Fluoride Removal Makes Wastewater Precision Fluoride Removal Easier Fluorine is one of the trace elements needed by human body, which is mainly accumulated in human bones and teeth. Constant fluorine is helpful to prevent dental caries. However, if the fluorine content in drinking water is more than 1ppm, the teeth will gradually have spots and become brittle; if it is more than 4ppm, it will cause fluorosis, and lead to bone marrow deformity and harm human health. Therefore, the country has clear requirements for fluorine content in drinking water (less than 1ppm). For the discharge requirements of fluorine content in industrial wastewater, some regions have also raised the national discharge standard of less than 10ppm to less than 1ppm, which brings challenges to the precision removal of fluorinein industrial wastewater.
Efficient Resource Treatment of Phenolic Waste Water
Phenolic compounds are important chemical raw materials and chemical intermediates, which are widely used in the production and processing of dyes, pesticides, adhesives, developers, etc. In the process of the use and synthesis of phenolic compounds, phenolic wastewater will inevitably be produced.
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