Continuous Ion Exchange Treatment Process for High Salinity Wastewater

Addressing the Challenge of High-Salinity Wastewater In the realm of wastewater management, high-salinity wastewater represents a formidable challenge. Characterized by a total salt content exceeding 1%, and laden with a mix of inorganic ions and organic substances, its complexity and inhibitive effect on microbial activity demand an advanced approach to treatment. Accounting for 5% of China's total wastewater volume and increasing annually by 2%, high-salinity wastewater treatment is not only critical but also a central focus of contemporary research. Traditional and modern methods alike—from ion exchange to biological treatments—struggle to effectively address these concerns.

Innovative Case Study: Dramatic COD Reduction A landmark project showcases the capacity of Sunresin's technology to tackle excessive COD levels, a common hurdle in high-salinity wastewater management.


High Salt Wastewater
Parameter Inlet Water Units
TOC 3000-4000 mg/L
COD 9000-11000 mg/L
pH 3.5-4.5  
Sodium Chloride 12 %
Fine Powder PPS ≤ 0.1 %
Suspended Solids ≤ 1 mg/L
Iron none mg/L


Initial COD measurements soared between 9000-11000 mg/L, far surpassing discharge standards. Utilizing the XDA series resin in a meticulously designed continuous adsorption-desorption system, integrated with an automatic control framework, resulted in reducing COD to below 500 ppm. 

This achievement not only meets but exceeds Class III surface water discharge standards, setting a new benchmark for industry performance.

System Features and Advantages Sunresin's continuous ion exchange system stands out for its:
  • Efficient Resin Utilization: Through rational design, the system maximizes resin use and effectiveness.
  • Automation and Compatibility: Designed for continuous operation, it boasts high automation levels and seamless system integration.
  • Compact Design: Its streamlined structure requires minimal space, further enhanced by low pipeline complexity.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduced consumption of water and chemicals translates to minimal waste, alleviating environmental impact.
  • Operational Flexibility: The system's adaptability allows for responsive adjustments to fluctuating production demands.
The Seplite® LWT Series Resin: A Cornerstone of Innovation Central to our solution is the Seplite® LWT series of macroporous adsorption resins, engineered with a unique molecular structure for optimal performance. Their superior pore architecture and high surface area facilitate selective adsorption of a wide range of compounds, from heterocyclic and benzene rings to halogenated hydrocarbons and non-polar solvents. This specificity makes them ideal for applications across various sectors, effectively removing and recovering organic materials.
Transforming Industries with Seplite® LWT Series Resins Sunresin's Seplite® LWT series resins have already made significant impacts across multiple industries, from the decolorization of dyes and pesticides to the treatment of coal chemical phenolic and high-salinity wastewater. Their ability to separate substances based on polarity and recover non-polar solvents showcases the broad applicability and effectiveness of Sunresin's solutions in meeting the diverse needs of modern wastewater treatment.
Partner with Sunresin for a Cleaner Future Discover how Sunresin's innovative solutions can revolutionize your approach to high-salinity wastewater treatment. Join us in setting new industry standards for efficiency, sustainability, and compliance. Together, we can achieve remarkable environmental stewardship for our communities and the planet.
Elevate Your Wastewater Treatment with Sunresin's Expertise
Are you ready to tackle the challenges of high-salinity wastewater head-on? Sunresin's cutting-edge Seplite® LWT series resins and continuous ion exchange technology are transforming the landscape of wastewater management. With our pioneering solutions, you're not just meeting regulatory standards; you're setting new benchmarks for environmental sustainability and operational efficiency.
Why Partner with Sunresin?
  • Innovative Technology: Leverage our Seplite® series resins and continuous ion exchange systems designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Environmental Impact: Reduce your environmental footprint with our system's minimal waste and low chemical consumption.
  • Industry Leader: Benefit from the expertise of a leader in ion exchange and adsorption technology, trusted by industries across the globe.

Discover the difference Sunresin can make in your wastewater treatment process. Let's work together to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and start your journey toward optimal wastewater treatment success.


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