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Elevating Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation: Sunresin's Pioneering Resin Technology
Our innovative approach begins with a special pretreatment of the solution. The molybdenum in the solution is selectively adsorbed onto our specially designed resin, leaving the tungsten in the post-adsorption solution. This method ensures a simple, efficient, and effective separation of the two metals, setting a new industry benchmark.
Advancing Cobalt Purity: Sunresin's Innovative Resin Technologies
Sunresin's premium resins excel in eliminating impurities from the leaching solution, marking a significant reduction of TOC (residual P204, P507, sulfonated coal oil, etc.), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). This method is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious, ensuring no new impurities are introduced. The result? Enhanced economic value and benefits.
Sepsolut®, the Go-To Expert in Separation Solutions
As a leading separation solution provider in China, Sunresin has built its own and unique technical expertise both on Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) and fixed bed basis, thanks to years of researches and developments carried out over a period of 20 years. With the combination of cutting-edge resin technologies and automation control systems, Sunresin has successfully designed and delivered numerous systems for customers in applications such as metallurgy, (Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt) environment protection (waste water, VOCs) and food industry. (juice, sugar, etc)
Vanadium Recovery from Stone Coal with Sunresin’s SMB Solution
Its extraction section adopts Sunresin’s proprietary SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) system. This system integrates adsorption, water washing, desorption, regeneration and other processes. Compared with the traditional fixed bed system, Sunresin’s SMB system significantly saves resin consumption and requires less floor space. It also leads to a higher level of intelligence, lower consumption of energy and higher concentration of the desorption solution, reducing the CAPEX and OPEX by about 50%. Through the implementation of the automatic system, the complex adsorption-regeneration process can be completed within the system with reduced manual intervention and therefore less risks and errors, thus making the production more stable.
Sunresin's complete solution for cobalt extraction
As a rare metal with high energy density, cobalt is an important element of ternary batteries. With the rapid development of the Electric Vehicles industry, the supply-demand relationship of cobalt has been tight for a long time. Congo (DRC) is a cobalt-rich country with its output accounting for up to 70% of the global output.
Sunresin's Lithium Extraction Technology from Salt Brines
As the world transitions to “Green Energy”, Lithium has become one of the most sought-after metals in battery production which empowers industries such as Electrical Vehicles. Sunresin’s adsorption technology (adsorbents, Simulated Moving Bed equipment and industrial process) have been widely and successfully used in a number of Lithium Extraction projects.
Gallium Extraction from Bayer Liquor
1. Gallium in Bayer mother liquor Gallium is a rare metal that plays an important role in the semiconductor industry. The demand for metal gallium has increased year by year. However, the source of metal gallium is scarce, and its products are mainly from by-products of the aluminum industry. Bauxite usually contains 0.002-0.008% of metal gallium. In the process of producing alumina by Bayer process, about 70% of the metal gallium in bauxite is leached with alumina, and about 30% remains in red mud. With the circulation of the Bayer mother liquor, the concentration of metal gallium in the Bayer mother liquor can be accumulated to 100-300 ppm.
Lithium Extraction From Brine Lake
In 2019, the total lithium production capacity of Qinghai Salt Lake is expected to reach 110,000 tons. According to the "Qinghai 100 billion lithium battery industry development plan", by 2020, Qinghai plans to produce more than 78 billion yuan of lithium battery industry, and by 2025 it will reach more than 180 billion yuan.

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