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Industry Knowledge

Elevating Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation: Sunresin's Pioneering Resin Technology
Our innovative approach begins with a special pretreatment of the solution. The molybdenum in the solution is selectively adsorbed onto our specially designed resin, leaving the tungsten in the post-adsorption solution. This method ensures a simple, efficient, and effective separation of the two metals, setting a new industry benchmark.
Advancing Cobalt Purity: Sunresin's Innovative Resin Technologies
Sunresin's premium resins excel in eliminating impurities from the leaching solution, marking a significant reduction of TOC (residual P204, P507, sulfonated coal oil, etc.), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand). This method is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious, ensuring no new impurities are introduced. The result? Enhanced economic value and benefits.
Case Study: Recovery of Precious Metals as Platinum
Advantages of Resin Adsorption: -Environmental-friendly and low energy consumption, operating under ambient temperature and pressure conditions. -Sunresin's chelating resin demonstrates excellent performance in the extraction of precious metals such as cobalt, vanadium, platinum, palladium, and gold. It not only achieves the requirements for the wastewater maximum content of metals but also enables the recovery of high-concentration metal salt solutions. -The resin has very high adsorption capabilities across different concentrations of mother liquor, with minimal impact from the ionic form of platinum and palladium. It operates stably under various pH conditions, facilitating the recovery of precious metals. In the field of platinum catalyst recovery in the pharmaceutical industry, this resin series offers high processing precision and large adsorption capacity compared to traditional recovery processes.
Sunresin-Refinement of Hydrochloric Acid Byproducts with Resin and Technology
In concentrated hydrochloric acid, metal ions mainly exist in the form of complex anions. LSC series ion exchange resins can effectively remove iron ions and also remove other metal ions to varying degrees. Contaminated hydrochloric acid passes through a special ion exchange resin, and the exchange process capture the iron thanks to the very high selectivity. Once the LSC series ion exchange resin is saturated with iron ions, it can be regenerated with deionized water (distilled water). After regeneration, the ion exchange resin is restored to its original state and can be repeatedly used for exchange and regeneration.
Mannose Production Purification and Chromatographic Separation
The SSMB sequential simulated moving bed chromatography system is an intermittent sequential operation simulated moving bed that combines the Monojet® series jetted particle chromatography fillers. Through the ingenious combination of equipment and control programs, it simulates the movement of the filler layer, adopts different operating modes of intermittent feeding and discharging with different sequences and programs, and adds separation ports that can be used for individual components to flow out, achieving the batch separation of 2-3 components. It has been successfully applied to the separation and purification of products such as sugar alcohols, amino acids, organic acids, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Desalination and Decolorization Process during Gentamicin Sulfate Production Pocess
In response to the industry's demand for hig volumes of gentamicin sulfate, Sunresin developed an optimal process, based on LX series resins, for the purification of gentamicin sulfate and other aminoglycoside pharmaceuticals thanks to the great know how of the team of R&D and production experts.
Sunresin Efficiency Chromatography Separation Technology and Application
Sunresin can customize equipment and chromatography fillers according to customer requirements to meet specific application requirements. Relying on long term chromatography separation experience and a professional team, we can develop and optimize methods for specific samples and requirements of customers, select the best chromatography equipment and fillers to improve separation efficiency and precision, and achieve high-quality separation and purification results.
Sunresin—Desalination and Purification Process for Non-Ionic Contrast Media
In order to ensure the production of high-purity final products, desalination and purification play a critical role in the manufacturing process of non-ionic contrast media. These steps are essential for the removal of salinity, impurities, organic residues, trace metal ions, and solid impurities. By effectively eliminating these contaminants, the desalination and purification processes contribute to enhance the purity and quality of the contrast media. Furthermore, this specific purification procedure helps to reduce adverse reactions and side effects on patients during subsequent applications.
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