Sunresin's Advanced Solutions for Refined Sugar and Sugar Alcohol Decolorization

Evolving Market Dynamics for Refined Sugar
As global living standards rise, there's a noticeable shift in consumer preferences towards diverse and high-quality sugar products. This trend is driving demand across various sectors, including beverages, confectionery, and baked goods, underpinned by a growing consumer focus on health-conscious choices and reduced sugar intake. The evolving dietary trends underscore the importance of innovative sugar refining processes to meet these emerging market needs.
Ion Exchange Decolorization: A Superior Approach
Sunresin has been at the forefront of transitioning sugar refineries from traditional whitening methods to our state-of-the-art ion exchange decolorization technology. Unlike conventional processes that rely on sulfur dioxide or sulfites—prone to generating secondary pollutants—our ion exchange method aligns with stringent food safety standards and offers a cost-effective solution for the industry. This advanced process efficiently removes not just color but also critical impurities such as reducing sugars, inorganic ash, and organic substances, ensuring the highest quality of refined sugar. 
Refining Process Insights
Refined sugar production involves extraction, boiling, and clarification steps. Post-clarification, while a significant portion of color is removed, residual coloration persists. Sunresin's ion exchange technology addresses this challenge, enhancing syrup clarity for direct use in crystallization and packaging processes. In addition to the need for decolorization, raw sugar also contains reducing sugars (glucose and fructose), inorganic ash (mainly calcium and   potassium salts), and other organic substances including gum and amino acids, primarily from sugarcane.  These impurities must be removed from the sucrose during the refining process. Very high polarity (VHP) sugars are also used as raw material in refining processes, allowing for the production of diverse sugar types to cater to consumer preferences.
Specialized Resins for Sugar Alcohols
Recognizing the unique characteristics of sugar alcohols, organic acids, amino acids, and related compounds, Sunresin has developed the Seplite® series of high-strength with high osmotic pressure resistance. These high-strength, high cross-linked resins demonstrate superior fluid processing capacity and durability compared to traditional options. Their application in decolorization and desalination significantly boosts efficiency and reduces operational costs, catering to products like starch sugars, xylose, oligosaccharides, lactose, fructose, and more.
Innovative Uniform Particle Resin and Chromatography Technologies
The growing global demand for refined sugar, particularly from key industries like dairy, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, calls for resins of specific attributes. Sunresin's Monojet® food-grade uniform particle resin, produced via advanced jetting technology, meets these demands with unparalleled uniformity and performance. In conjunction with our proprietary Sepsolut® and simulated moving bed chromatography systems, these resins offer unmatched efficiency and cost savings. Moreover, our capacity to develop customized chromatography resins for various applications underscores our commitment to meeting diverse customer needs.
Resin Type Applications  
Monojet® S1850 Gel-Type Desalting Fructose/Glucose,
Amino Acids
Monojet® S2850 Gel-Type Removal of impurities
from organic acids
Organic Acids,
Fermentation broths,
lactic acid
Monojet® S3850 Gel-Type Purification of
amino acids
grade amino acids
Monojet® S4850 Gel-Type Sugar / Acid
Separation of
xylose and sulfuric

Empower Your Sugar Refining Process with Sunresin's Technology
Embrace the future of sugar refining with Sunresin's advanced decolorization solutions. Our commitment to innovation and quality positions us as the ideal partner for your refining needs, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving sugar industry. Contact us to explore how our technologies can transform your production processes, enhancing both efficiency and product quality.
Join the Revolution in Sugar Refining Technology with Sunresin
Ready to elevate your sugar refining process to new heights of efficiency and quality? Sunresin's cutting-edge decolorization and purification technologies are here to transform your production line, offering unparalleled clarity, purity, and performance. Whether you're aiming to meet the evolving demands of the market or seeking to innovate within your industry, our team of experts is ready to guide you through the advantages of implementing our advanced resin solutions.
Discover the full potential of your sugar production by embracing Sunresin's specialized resins and chromatography technologies. Let's work together to achieve optimal production outcomes, reduce operational costs, and cater to the sophisticated tastes of consumers worldwide.
Contact us today to learn more about how Sunresin can support your goals and help you lead in the sugar refining industry.


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