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Plant Extraction

Advancing Ergothioneine Biosynthesis through Adsorption and Separation Technology
Sunresin has developed Uniform Particle Ion Exchange Resin using targeted research and development, advanced chromatographic equipment, and strict quality control, utilizing new synthetic biology technology. This resin is designed to address the impurities and high salt content of existing fermentation processes used to produce ergothioneine. It is used for chromatographic desalination, decolorization, and purification, achieving an inorganic/organic salt removal rate of over 95% in high salt systems, reducing conductivity to below 50μs/cm.
Sunresin’s Stevia Extraction and Purification Technology
As a leading provider of separation and purification materials and solutions in China, Sunresin has successfully industrialized the Seplite® resins as well as the Sepsolut® SMB system for steviol glycoside purification in various EPC projects since 2009. While improving product quality, Sunresin’s technology also improves production efficiency and reduces cost, thus promoting the technological upgrading in the whole stevia industry.
Make Anthocyanin Extraction and Purification More Reasonable, Efficient and Reliable
Sunresin has developed resin products and application process suitable for anthocyanin extraction from different raw materials, which can meet the purification of anthocyanin extracted from different raw materials. For example, anthocyanins from berry and floral plant sources can be used with Sunresin Seplite® LXA-86 macroporous adsorbent resin. For anthocyanins from vegetable plants, Sunresin Seplite® LXA-868M macroporous adsorbent resins can be used, which have large adsorption capacity and greatly improve the content and solubility of finished products, thereby facilitating the development of back-end applications.
Cost-effective extraction and purification scheme for cannabidiol (CBD)
Sunresin, began in 2015, Cooperate with enterprises in Yunnan Province that have obtained processing permission for cannabidiol (CBD).
Extraction of Anthocyanin
1. Anthocyanin A glycoside derivative is a water-soluble natural pigment widely found in plants in nature, and is a colored aglycon which is obtained by hydrolysis of anthocyanins. Under normal natural conditions, free anthocyanins are rare, often with one or more glucose, rhamnose, galactose, xylose, arabinose, etc. through the glycosidic bond to form anthocyanins, glycosidic and hydroxyl groups in anthocyanidins An acid-based anthocyanidin may be formed by ester bonding with one or several molecules of an aromatic acid such as coumaric acid, ferulic acid, caffeic acid or p-hydroxybenzoic acid.
Extraction of Ginkgo Flavonoids
1. Ginkgo flavonoid. At present, there are more than 170 kinds of medicinal ingredients of Ginkgo biloba.

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