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VOCs Treatment

Adsorption Technique for Gas Purification

With the widespread use of chemical products in the industry, more and more organic pollutants enter the atmosphere, mainly low-boiling, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These gases enter the atmosphere and can cause irritation to the human eye, nose and respiratory system, and damage to the internal organs.


At present, the more mature methods for treating VOC gases are adsorption, desorption, and catalytic combustion.

Sunresin has developped a resin adsorption technology in VOCs treatment not only for meeting emission compliances, but also for the recovery of solvents including: alkanes, halogenated hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, low-carbon alcohols, ketones , esters,and other organic matters.


Sunresin's adsorption technology for VOCs treatment is mainly used for non-polar and weakly polar volatile organic molecules. It adopts a specifically developed macroporous polymer adsorption resin with uniform pore size, high specific surface area and high strength. By utilizing the non-polar adsorption and intermolecular forces between the internal skeleton molecules of the resin and the volatile organic molecules, the adsorption resin performs highly selective adsorption on the non-polar and weakly polar molecular groups in the waste gas, in order to achieve the purpose of precise adsorption, recovery and gas emission compliances.



The advantages of resin adsorption in VOCs treatment compared to traditional adsorption techniques include:
Flexibility: adaptation to different industries and different systems from small equipment, skid-mounted equipment, to waste gas treatment system. Flexible cooperation to meet emission requirements.

Strength: regular spherical particles with acid, alkali and high-temperature resistance, over 2000 regeneration cycles.

Purity: Synthetic styrene structure that has no metal impurities, preventing catalytic polymerization or combustion of unsaturated organics in pores.

Efficacy: Over 99.5% removal rate for non-polar and weakly polar VOCs, for emission compliance.

Security: Good hydrophobicity. Thanks to its own water content, no need for dry adsorption, avoiding sustained heating due to adsorption exotherm.

Sustainability: Longer life cycle, no need for overall replacement, no solid waste generation. Annual replenish around 5%.
Economic values through recovery of the solvents that have recycling values.
Type of volatile gases suitable for resin adsorption technology:
The resin adsorption technology is suitable for most non-polar solvent, including alkanes, alcohol ethers, chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, and organic amines.
Industries that may benefit from resin adsorption for VOCs treatment:
1.Pharmaceutical Chemicals
2.Pharmaceutical preparations
3.Pesticide synthesis
4.Tail gas from H2O2 production
5.Chloride Industry
6.Large Chemical Industry
In addition to meeting emission requirements, Sunresin’s adsorption technology realizes the efficient recovery of organic volatiles in the waste gas, and has a recovery rate of over 99%.
Typical Application for VOCs Treatment

• N-hexane,heptane,cyclohexane

• Trichloroethylene,trichloroethane,dichloromethane

• Trichloromethane,chlorobenzene

• Benzene,toluene,xylene

• Isopropanol,butanol

• Acetone,butanone,methyl isobutanone,cyclohexanone

• Ethyl acetate,butyl acetate,acetate

Our Services and support:
1.On site test and demonstration;
2.Design of treatment plan;
3.Supply of adsorption resins;
4.One-stop-shop EPC solution package; (system design, adsorption resins, system engineering, installation and debugging, staff training)
5.Professional technical support and maintenance.
So far, Sunresin has worked with 100+ projects across pharma, chemical and other relevant industries.


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