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Sunresin's Advanced Solutions for Refined Sugar and Sugar Alcohol Decolorization
Sunresin has been at the forefront of transitioning sugar refineries from traditional whitening methods to our state-of-the-art ion exchange decolorization technology.
Investor Briefing(Mar&Apr,2024)
Summary of the Sunresin 2024 Q1 Report
Sunresin and Latin America: Ten thousand miles are still neighbors
In April, Ambassador Xu Yicong's book launch of "Family and Country Sentiments - Continuing Chapter" was successfully held in Beijing. The ambassadors of Latin America in China have come to congratulate Ambassador Xu, and Zhai Feng, Vice President of Bump Cycle, attended to celebrate the event. Dr. Gao Yuejing, as the representative of the important guests, gave a speech and expressed her most sincere blessing to Ambassador Xu for the publication of his new book.
Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Pyridine and Its Derivatives by Sunresin
Sunresin is leading the charge with our innovative XDA series resins, specifically designed to tackle the toughest pyridine wastewater treatment challenges.
Sunresin Color-Changing Resins: Revolutionizing Resin Deactivation Detection
Sunresin's innovative color-changing resins represent a significant advancement in ion exchange technology.
Advanced Treatment Solutions for Chromium Effluent Treatment Processes
Chromium (VI) pollution poses a significant challenge to water safety due to its extreme toxicity and persistence in the environment. Sunresin's cutting-edge treatment technologies offer effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions to this critical issue.
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