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The coal chemical industry is a high water-consuming sector, with relatively high water consumption and wastewater discharge.   It mainly refers to phenol-ammonia wastewater generated in processes such as coal coking and gasification, with the primary source being ammonia-nitrogen water produced during the nitrogen distillation process.   This wastewater is characterized by complex water quality, high concentration, large amounts of solid suspended particles, and poor biodegradability, making it highly hazardous.   Therefore, the excessive use and destruction of water resources are considered the most serious environmental issues faced by the coal chemical industry.   The government has further tightened wastewater discharge policies for new coal chemical projects, requiring a wastewater reuse rate of over 95% and ultimately achieving the "zero discharge" standard.
Sunresin Special Resin for Coal Chemical and Mine Water Treatment
For many years, Sunresin has been dedicated to research on water pollution prevention and resource recovery, focusing on the combination of pollutant control and resource utilization.  The independently developed SEPLITE® LSC series chelating resins, SEPLITE® LX series complexation adsorption resins, and other products, as well as fixed bed and continuous ion exchange technologies combined with these materials, are widely used in the petroleum and coal chemical industries for pollution control.  This not only effectively controls the discharge of toxic pollutants (significantly improving the B/C ratio for organic wastewater) but also achieves the enrichment, recovery, and comprehensive utilization of valuable components in the wastewater, generating significant economic and social benefits.
Special Resin – Suitable for Mine Water Treatment
In the treatment of mine water, specialized resins such as fluoride removal resin, total nitrogen (ammonia nitrogen/nitrate nitrogen) removal resin, phosphorus removal resin, boron removal resin, and chromium removal resin are used for targeted treatment to meet discharge standards.   The process is simple, easy to regenerate, and has low operating costs.
Chelating Resin – Calcium and Magnesium Removal from High-Salinity Water
Used in high TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) environments for the selective removal of calcium and magnesium ions, it can be paired with weak acid cation resins.  It offers high removal precision, with effluent hardness reaching ppb (parts per billion) levels.  It is not affected by the salt concentration and can selectively remove calcium and magnesium ions even in saturated brine.
Fluoride Removal Resin – Stable Removal of Fluoride Ions
Fluoride removal resin has a high selectivity for fluoride ions, effectively adsorbing and removing fluoride ions from water, while exhibiting low adsorption capacity for other anions and cations.  This type of resin has a high adsorption capacity, capable of treating large amounts of fluoride-containing wastewater, and can maintain high adsorption efficiency even after long-term use, offering a long service life.
Zero Wastewater Discharge Case Study
In a zero discharge project for an energy and chemical group, the SEPLITE®LSC series chelating resin provided by Sunresin has been used every year since the initial design phase.  This chelating resin, independently developed by Sunresin, features a macroporous structure that facilitates the formation of chelates with metal ions.  It was developed to remove calcium and magnesium ions in high-concentration saline systems and is suitable for extremely harsh conditions.  Sunresin's chelating resin has been maturely used in the domestic zero discharge industry, receiving unanimous praise from the industry.
A Group's Coking Wastewater Advanced Treatment and Reuse Project
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