Announcement: Dr Simona Serban Has Joined Sunresin As Global Application Director for Life Science Division

We are very proud to announce that Dr Simona Serban has joined Sunresin as Global Application Director for Life Science division. 


Simona comes with more than a decade experience in applications of resins in the Life Science. 

Her customer oriented approach and her deep knowledge of resins use in pharma, food and fine chemistry represent a great asset for Sunresin.


Together with partners as Fernando Albericio and all the team of R&D we are sure to provide the best support and quality service to all our customers.



She said in an interview: " I recently joined Sunresin as a global application director for Life Science product, today i am in the headquarters of Sunresin in Xi'an, and it's amazing environment, because i can talk to my colleagues, working here, learn about different cultures, and meet people from all over the world. The reason why i join Sunresin is because i do here what i like to do most, which is supporting our customers to achieve excellence. And also i have great opportunities to work with amazing scientist from central department of Sunresin and develop some innovative solutions for our customers. Sunresin's mission is driving the innovation, and this is why i am here, this is what i am trying to do by joining this amazing team of life science at Sunresin. The range of product that Sunresin is offering for life science applications is very comprehensive, the resin’s applications are covering purification of proteins, monoclonal antibody, microcarrier for cell culture, as well as resins for solid phase peptides synthesis and oligonucleotide synthesis and purification. A broad range of products give me opportunity to work with amazing scientists and amazing customers".


Welcome on board Simona Serban! 


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