Iron removal technology of hydrometallurgical lithium battery leaching solution

After nearly a thousand charge and discharge cycles, the active substances inside lithium-ion batteries gradually lose their activity, leading to a decline in battery capacity and eventual disposal. The widespread use of lithium-ion batteries across various sectors is leading to an increasing number of discarded batteries. Improper disposal of these batteries not only causes severe environmental pollution but also leads to a significant waste of valuable resources. This pressing environmental issue demands innovative solutions like those developed by Sunresin.

Lithium Battery Recycling - Iron Removal 
Lithium-ion batteries are rich in metal resources, including nickel, cobalt, copper, lithium, aluminum, and manganese. Recycling and utilizing the economically valuable metals contained in used lithium-ion batteries is of great significance, both from an environmental and resource recycling perspective. Companies involved in lithium-ion battery recycling are faced with the challenge of removing impurities like iron from the leachate. Sunresin's technology plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges.
LSC730 Series Resin Iron Removal Process 
In a groundbreaking approach, Sunresin Technology, leveraging Sunresin's Seplite® LSC730 series, uniquely engineered for efficient iron removal, adsorbs and removes Fe3+ from the leachate of lithium batteries, achieving resource recovery. This process is characterized by its high efficiency in recovering and utilizing metal ions, with a fast iron adsorption rate and high activity. This technology has been shown to improve iron removal efficiency significantly, reducing environmental impact and operational costs.
The Principle of Iron Removal Using Sunresin’s LSC730 Series Ion Exchange Resins 
In wet metallurgy leachate, metal ions primarily exist as complex anions. Sunresin’s LSC730 series ion exchange resins effectively remove iron ions and can also remove other metal ions to varying degrees. After the resin adsorbs iron ions to saturation, it can be regenerated with deionized water. This regeneration restores the resin to its original state for repeated use.
Seplite® LSC730 Series: A Pinnacle of Efficiency and Sustainability 
Using Seplite® LSC730 series ion exchange resins, specially designed for the removal of Fe3+ from solutions, the resin boasts high precision in adsorption and removal. This resin has a large treatment capacity, is easy to regenerate, simple to operate, has strong anti-pollution capability, and a long service life. It is widely used in fields like wet metallurgy and hydrochloric acid refining. The overall device offers advantages such as high iron removal efficiency, low operating costs, small investment in equipment, and simple operation. This process is ideal for the industrial production of low-iron pure hydrochloric acid and reagent hydrochloric acid, meeting the standards of analytical pure reagents.
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