Sunresin Participates in Morgan Stanley 22nd Annual Asia-Pacific Summit

[Singapore, 16 Nov 2023] Sunresin, a leading technology company, was invited to attend Morgan Stanley’s 22nd Asia-Pacific Summit in Singapore from November 15th to 16th. This summit is a pivotal conference for institutional investors in the Asia-Pacific region.


Morgan Stanley’s 22nd Asia-Pacific Summit


Dr. Gao Yuejing, Chairwoman of the company, and Mr. Yu Yang, Secretary of the Board, represented Sunresin at the summit. They engaged in face-to-face discussions with numerous overseas investors, addressing topics such as the company's business model, core competitiveness, progress in the lithium extraction business, as well as developments in the life science sector. Dr. Gao Yuejing expressed during the discussions, "We actively listen to the suggestions of investors, clients, and the media, and adhere to the core adsorption and separation technologies. Sunresin continuously explores new applications of adsorption and separation technologies, competes in cutting-edge markets alongside top brands, and shares growth dividends with shareholders." She further added, "Sunresin will utilize its fundamental strength in adsorption and separation technologies, drive development through innovation, actively expand internationally in terms of products, technology, R&D, and talent acquisition, and accelerate the implementation of our globalization strategy."

Dr. Gao Yuejing represented Sunresin at the summit

In recent years, Sunresin has gained attention from various long-term investors, including social security funds, pension funds, and public offerings. The company believes that maintaining transparent and timely communication regarding its progress is crucial for cultivating a positive image within the capital market.

With the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect" and Sunresin's inclusion in indices like MSCI, Russell FTSE, CSI 500, SZSE Component Index, and ChiNext Index, the company's global market influence is on a steady rise, accompanied by the ongoing expansion of its overseas investor base.

Sunresin is steadfastly anchoring its globalization strategy in adsorption and separation technology, driving development through innovation across product lines, technology domains, research and development, and talent acquisition, thus delivering greater value for all stakeholders.

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